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Working on a Pottery Wheel

Who We Are

Guild of Chatham Painters strives to foster imagination and creativity in our studio by helping students create beautiful art. Whether you’re coming in to spend the day or to truly exploit your talent, you’ll find a blank canvas awaiting you where the world is your oyster. We opened our doors in 2000 and have been creating art and forming artists since.


The Future We See

Guild of Chatham Painters is a well respected and thriving Artist Group in San Francisco. We’ve got a history of commitment toward our students and our artists. While we’re dedicated to producing our own art and community art, we’re also devoted to bringing the artist out in our students. Offering classes to adults, teens and children in both group settings and private lessons, there’s something for anyone looking to foster their inner Picasso. We strive to instill creativity and teach form and function to all artists and guests that come to Guild of Chatham Painters seeking a fun, relaxing, and well rounded artistic experience.

Working on a Pottery Wheel

What We Believe

Artists need a space to dream, to create, to inspire and to be inspired. At Guild of Chatham Painters, we understand this well, which is why we provide this space for our guests. All artistic expression is allowed in this magical Artist Group where people come and create their art freely. All ages and levels are welcome, so please stop by today!


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